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Fiber Optic Splice Closure – M2



Fiber Optic Splice Closure
Prod No.
Application and Properties:
Fiber Optic Splice Closure is used to connect optical fibers, branches and also resuscitation damaged points and protects the connected point from any destructive environmental factors with appropriate sealing. In addition Fiber Optic Closure is used in conversion of outdoor cable to indoor cable and DCS electrical substation.

Other Details

۱٫ the closure has an air valve on its cover for checking air pressure drop.

۲٫ The ribbed body has high mechanical strength against impact and compression.

۳٫ The closure has 2 inlet ports on each side and increase the number of port up to 12 ports by inserting Mid plate.

۴٫ One flat type gasket and the external screw bolts provides excellent tightness reliability.

۵٫ Corn type sealing socket is adjustable to fit any diameter cable.

Technical Specification

ITEM V11 V12 V13
Size(mm) ۴۳۵*۲۰۵-۱۱۳ ۴۳۵*۲۰۵*۱۶۷ ۴۳۵*۲۰۵*۲۲۱
Weight(kg) ۲٫۸kg ۳٫۸kg ۴٫۸kg
Inlet ports ۴ ports ۸ ports ۱۲ ports
Cable die.(mm)
No. splice of tray ۴ ۶ ۸
Tray capacity ۲۴f up to 48f ۲۴f up to 48f ۲۴f up to 48f
Splice capacity ۹۶f up to 192f ۱۴۴f up to 288f ۱۹۲f up to 384f
Splicing method Fusion
Splice protector Heat shrinkable sleeve
Tension member Galvanized steel wire,FRP,Wire


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